US: Allianz Life Insurance appoints Ross Bowen as vice president of profitability management

20 Октомври 2011 г.,

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America has appointed Ross Bowen as the vice president of profitability management.

In his new role, Mr Bowen will be responsible for managing and monitoring the profitability of Allianz Life’s in-force block of business, collaborating with the company’s various financial functions to develop an integrated profitability management strategy.

Prior to joining Allianz, he served as vice president of risk and value management for Phoenix Wealth Management in Hartford, Connecticut. He has also held vice president positions at Conning Asset Management in Hartford and Fortis Advisers in New York City.

Neil McKay, Allianz Life’s chief actuary, said: “vice president of profitability management is an important role that will help Allianz Life maintain our strong financial health and promise to our customers. We’re thrilled to have Ross join the Allianz team and expand this function into a crucial part of our larger financial planning and analysis group.”


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